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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We spent a quick weekend in Southern Idaho along the rails. One of our first stops was Rupert, where the old depot is alive and well. The depot is now on the grounds of the Minidoka Historical Society Museum which is well worth a stop. Melissa gave us a full tour and was incredibly helpful, providing us with some additional places to visit in the area with the potential for graffiti. Many thanks Melissa!

The Rupert depot was built in 1906 and was originally part of the Oregon Short Line

Here's the Rupert depot in its heyday

An older mark on the side of their UP boxcar

The freight room has a few older marks, here's one from 1914 by R.A.E.

they even have a great telegraphers setup

From Rupert, we headed North to check out the Minidoka water tower.

Uncle Pete pulls a mixed freight past the Minidoka water tower.

A Western Railroad Supply Co. box, originally organized in 1855 as the American Signal Company.

Down the road from Minidoka stands the Kimama water tower.

A nice little speeder parked outside a beautiful stone warehouse

Red Dog left his mark on this warehouse near the tracks

Twin Falls Idaho

Training Baby, our chihuahua, to sniff out date nails

This tie was laid down in 1930, used in a small town siding.

Eastern Idaho Railroad in burley Idaho

There's just something beautiful about an old bridge that we've lost in new construction.

Clarence Randell March 20, 1951 UPRR Murtaugh, Idaho

A classic Kilroy Was Here

Kenneth Daw & Beverly McClune

E.R.S. stylishly done December 17, 1938

Bob Gronlund Minneapolis, Minnesota February 12, 1938

Herschel Stevens, Conway Missouri May 6, 1944

JN Merrell is under this overpass 8/18/51, Write to him at 2752 - 16th St. San Pablo, Calif

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